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I know nothing about wine. Is the course too advanced for me?

Most people learn about wine in a "behind the bicycle sheds" manner resulting in a confusing blend of fact and fiction. Bob Campbell's Wine Certificate Course provides a solid, no-nonsense foundation for wine knowledge to help those who are starting a career or developing an interest in wine.

Wine has been my hobby for years. Won't the course be too basic for me?

Winemakers and wine writers have attended the course to experience component tastings, fault tastings, the aroma wheel and blind tastings, all of which offer a disciplined approach to understanding wine.

Must I sit an exam to gain the certificate?

No. The certificate is evidence that you have attended the course only.

Do we taste New Zealand or imported wines?

The wines are selected to illustrate the characteristics of grape varieties, the influence of oak, maturity etc. Most are New Zealand or Australian wines.

What People Say about Bob Campbell's Wine Certificate Course

"Campbell is responsible not just for educating an entire nation. He is also NZ's foremost wine writer."
Jancis Robinson, distinguished wine author and host of the TV series Wine Course

"Your course was great: fun educational, and inspirational. So glad we did it."
Monique & Greg Nash, graduates of the Certificate Course

"Bob Campbell's Wine Course is an excellent introduction for newcomers to wine as well as being a refresher course for those who think they know a little about the subject but are keen to learn more. With a format that is both informative and entertaining, this course is a sure-fire way of getting more enjoyment out of wine."
Michael Brajkovich MW, Winemaker, Kumeu River Wines

"I have encouraged the staff at Nobilo's to attend Bob Campbell's Wine Certificate Course because it provides them with a deeper understanding of wine as well as fuelling their enthusiasm for wine. Bob's course has provided the wine industry with a valuable training ground for new recruits."
Nick Nobilo, Managing Director, Nobilo Vintners Ltd

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